About Us

working in in the stone industry since 1985

Hello my name is Mario Martinez, and the owner of Cutting Edge.

 I am also the hands on guy and feel it is important to be part of the process.  I have worked in the stone business since 1985 and opened my own company in 1997. I see stonework as an art form, with attention to detail. We demand and only produce fine quality finished craftsmanship. We specialize in design and custom edge work. Our focus is on the individual project creativity not the mass production, developing a unique and personal installation that reflects the client and their environment. I believe we are blessed with a magnificent selection of stone from this earth and our ability to put a piece of nature in your home deserves the utmost respect and care.
Our shop is conveniently located off Mission St. in Santa Cruz, the majority of our business is local within Santa Cruz County
We are family operated and have built our company on integrity, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

A large part of our business is kitchen counter tops. Granite counters are greatly used and enhance the beauty and elegance of your kitchen. We also fabricate bar tops, large table tops, and window sills in the kitchen. The bathroom is the next area of use for stone. Any material can be placed in the bathroom and often marble is used for its flowing softness but it depends on the use of the area and your personal choice of look and color. Vanities, tub tops, showers, windows, seated areas, and steps have been designed with natural stone, creating a richness beyond any other. Fireplaces through out the home are also a desirable area to use a variety of natural stone, as in granite, marble, limestone and slate etc. Whether you have a mantle top, hearth, or complete surround, a fireplace will stand out when accented with stone. We have also installed flooring and entry ways along with creating some private stone art pieces and accents as well.

Our primary objective is a satisfied and happy customer, be it a homeowner, a building owner, or a contractor. We will maintain and conduct business in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition. Honesty, integrity, quality, and professionalism guide our business philosophy. High standards of health, safety, and product quality will be incorporated into every installation.

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