If you are considering stone in your home we would be pleased to assist you.
Giving you information on Stone Suppliers, and Artistic Design that is unique! We always offer great reasonable prices.

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To Request A Quote
To receive a quote you will need to provide Cutting Edge with a dimensional drawing. You can provide this drawing to us via e-mail, in person or text. Once we receive your drawing we will contact you to give you a quote, review any other important details, and answer any questions you may have.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, please include the following information along with the dimensional drawing:

  • Your contact information, name, phone number, and basic location. And email so that we can provide you with a quote.
  • Indicate the area in which the materials will be installed (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
  • There will be a separate quote for each area so please include drawing for each and measure each area separately.
  • In the drawing, please indicate the location of any appliances and sinks.
  • For kitchen and bathroom quotes, please indicate whether the sink(s) are under-mount or self rimming. Is there a need for drilling holes in the pieces (for plumbing, fixtures, appliances etc.)
  • For kitchen quotes also indicate whether the cook top is self rimming or free standing.
  • Back splash location (if any) and ( height, 4″ , 6″ fullback splash etc.)
  • Details about the edge profiles.
  • Please specify the type of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Quartz or Quatzite material your interested in using.

    Our primary objective is a satisfied and happy customer, be it a homeowner, a building owner, or a contractor. We will maintain and conduct business in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition. Honesty, integrity, quality, and professionalism guide our business philosophy. High standards of health, safety, and product quality will be incorporated into every installation.

Stone Resources

If you are considering using Natural Stone or Man Made Materials in your environment, we will provide you with a listing of Suppliers who offer a wide range of materials to select from. If you are looking for Granite, Marble, Limestone, Natural stone, Quartz or Quartize materials we have selected and created reputations with Suppliers who offer a wide variety of materials from standard stock to exotics. We have selected these companies for their high quality and reasonable competitive pricing.                                                                                                                  Quality is key to a fine finished installation. And overall cost is just as important.
If you have selected another company for your stone, we will assist you to ensure that the material quality meets our standards to provide you the best finished product. If you know the specific material you would like to use or have specific size requirements we can also guide you in your selections. We would be happy to answer any questions that should arise when making your stone choice. We also suggest when looking to take samples of your color scheme to get the look you are after. Our suppliers are very helpful and will be able to answer your questions regarding their materials as well.

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